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How it Works | Second Opinions

How it Works

Asking for a Second Opinion After a Diagnosis

After receiving an initial diagnosis from your GP, you may, for a variety of reasons, wish to seek a second opinion. Sometimes this can differ from the original diagnosis, and may therefore require different medications or treatments. But oftentimes a second opinion can match that of the opinion of your original doctor. This is called a confirmation of a diagnosis and can be reassuring as it means that you can confidently move forward with your treatment. At SecondOpinions.ie, we can also provide you with further details on the type and stage of your condition, furnish you with additional advice and discuss other treatment options.  

Asking for a Second Opinion Before Treatment

Did your last doctor’s appointment leave you wondering is surgery really the only option? It’s always a good idea to get a second doctor’s opinion before starting any new medical treatments and especially before undergoing surgery. This is an educational process – the more knowledge you are equipped with about a particular diagnosis and the treatment options available to you, the more capable you will feel when making healthcare decisions. Before you begin your treatment, at SecondOpinions.ie we can provide you with more information regarding your condition and can help to formulate a suitable treatment plan for the future. 

Asking for a Second Opinion During Treatment

Have you been undergoing treatment but not seeing any improvement in your medical condition or overall health? It is possible that you are putting your body through unnecessary strain and discomfort. Why not contact us today for the opinion of a second doctor! We can examine your health problems, review your medical records and discuss both your current treatment plan and other options available to you.

Your Appointment with SecondOpinions.ie

When attending your appointment, be sure to bring all relevant documentation with you if they are in your possession (for example blood test results, x-rays, etc.). This will help to eliminate unnecessary repeat testing. We want to make this experience as comfortable for you as possible, so feel free to have a spouse or a friend accompany you to the appointment. This can also be useful so that the other person can take note of all that is discussed in the consultation. During the appointment, please ask us as many questions as you like – as a second opinion doctor, we’re here to provide you with additional details regarding your diagnosis and treatment options.